How to Get Dog To Stop Pulling on Leash

How to Get Dog To Stop Pulling on Leash

How to Get Dog To Stop Pulling on Leash 

Dog leash walking is fun and is good for the physical, mental, and emotional health of a dog. On the other hand, one issue that you may encounter is when your dog pulls the leash to wherever he wants to go. 

Of course, you do not want to yell or have a tug of war while walking with your dog. The best thing to do is to train your dog to stop pulling on the leash. 

In this article, we would like to help you and share some ways how to get the dog to stop pulling on the leash. We also included some functional and safe leash sets that we think are good for your dog’s walking. Let’s explore them now. 

Stop Pulling on Leash

What causes the dog to pull on the leash? 

Dogs are not used to leashes. It is not their natural behavior to be tied up while roaming around. They want to go their own way, smelling and sniffing things, people, or another dog. It is why they pull on their leashes. 

Another reason why they pull on their leashes is that they may seem uncomfortable with their collars or harnesses. They may feel strain or pressure on any of these restrain types. 

Choose a collar that has a snug fit for your dog. Not too tight when he pulls. 

Also, according to a study printed by  Pub. Med, dogs may pull stronger and more firmly on their back-connection harness than wearing a neck collar in reaching a food treat. On the other hand, when you use a dog collar, you must prevent your dog pulling the leash because it might damage your dog’s neck. 

Besides, improper communication with your dog may also lead to leash pulling. Train and communicate properly with your dog with respect. In this manner, your dog will return the favor and follow you. 

7 Ways To Stop the Dog Pulling on Leash 

  1. Train your dog to walk by your side indoor 

Before you walk outside with your dog, you must train your dog first to walk beside you inside your home. 

Leash your dog and have him walk beside you, whether at your right or left, whichever you prefer, or whatever your dog feels comfortable with. Make 10 steps forward, then stand still. 

Observe your dog if he stops walking and just stands or sits beside you. If he stands or sits beside you while you stand still you may reward him with a treat. 

Do this all the time until your dog is used to walking beside you without pulling his leash. 

2. Give your dog a reward of treats.

When your dog learns to behave with a leash on, give him a reward. His favorite treats will do. He will then think that having a leash is fun and that not pulling the leash will give him a delicious treat. 

3. Stop and stand still. 

If your dog is distracted when he sees something around, he will pull the leash towards the disturbance. It may be some dogs also walking around, or food he wants to eat, or something he wants to smell. 

If this happens, you stop walking and stand still. You will notice that your dog will also stop struggling forward and will stand or sit beside you. When your dog has relaxed, you may say “let’s go” and walk forward. 

4. Go in the opposite direction.

When a puppy pulls on a leash, you may go in the opposite direction. If he is moving forward you may stop and move backward. 

If he is going to the right, you may go towards the left direction. If he obeys, praise him and give him a small treat. 

On the other hand, if he insists, you stop and stand still until he behaves. He will understand then that his best place is walking beside you. 

5. Do not tolerate your dog’s bad behavior. 

Do not allow your dog to pull on the leash and pull you along towards the place he wants to be. If he pulls you along and the leash, again, stand still. 

Also, do not yell or tug the leash when he pulls the leash. Be patient and calm yourself. The best thing you should do is to stop walking. 

Wait until he comes back to you and loses the leash. When your dog has relaxed, you may start walking again. 

6. Go to uncrowded places. 

Avoid going to crowded places when your dog is just starting to learn to walk on a leash. It is because he will pull the leash toward the crowd of people or toward a pack of dogs roaming around. 

Go to peaceful areas with only a few people. A crowded area will make your dog active. 

7. Have a smelly stop. 

Allow your dog to stop and sniff things in some places. Dogs like to smell grasses and plants sometimes. You may stop and let your dog sniff. 

It is like a reward for him and also stimulates his mental health. Then, move on again when he has done his work. 

2 Safest Leash Sets for Your Dogs 

To restrain a dog, you may use a leash that is attached to the dog collar, which is placed around the dog’s neck. Another use of a dog collar is for fashion, identification, and protection. 

The following are some of the safest dog walking sets on the market now. We think that these leash sets can make your walking with your dog memorable and secure.  

Also, they can be well identified wearing these tools when for one instance, they lose their way. Take a glimpse of these dog leash sets below. 

  1. Iron Pooch Walking Set-Red 

What We Like 

If you are looking for a complete dog leash set, the Iron Pooch Walking set is the ideal one. The set comes with a dog collar, leash, poop bag holder, and a bow tie. 

They are made from velvet fabric, which is soft and has a flat compact pile, which makes them durable. 

What we like about the velvet collar is that it can make your dog comfortable and safe. 

In one instance, if your dog has a strong pull on the leash, the velvet collar will not damage your dog’s neck because it is super soft. It can secure your dog. 

Meanwhile, you can match the velvet collar with a velvet leash. You can attach the leash to the provided D-ring. The collar and the leash are constructed from velvet fabric and high-quality metal hardware. 

Along with this set is a velvet poop bag holder that can be fastened on the D-ring. There is also a bow tie, which can make your dog fashionable and appealing.

 Also, you can identify your dog with this velvety bow tie. You can attach the bow tie using the two provided Velcros to the dog collar. 

This set comes in red color, which matches a feminine canine personality. Certainly, your dog will not only look adorable but also be safe and sound while having a fancy walk. 

Other Features: 

  • Leash Length: 43 inches and 47 inches 
  • Leash width: ¾ inch and 1 inch 
  • Neck Circumference:

Extra Small- 9 inches to 12 inches

Small - 12 inches to 16 inches

Medium - 16 inches to 19 inches

Large- 19 inches to 22 inches

Extra Large - 22 inches to 24 inches 

  • Collar width: ¾ inch to 1 inch 
  • With a heavy-duty swivel clasp that connects to the collar or harness
  • Easy to clean by washing 

2. Iron Pooch Walking Set- Blue 

Do you have a male dog? This Iron Pooch Walking Set that comes in blue color is perfect for him. The set includes a collar, leash, bow tie, and poop bag holder. 

They are all made from velvety fabric that is sewn well. This makes them durable besides this strong material. 

Another wow factor of this walking velvet set is the aesthetic. Your dog will look handsome with all the matching colors. 

You can also easily spot your dog with its blue bow tie attached to the collar. For easy walking, fasten that poop bag holder on the provided D-string. 

Another thing that we like about this walking set is that it is easy to maintain. Hand wash or machine wash the collar, leash, bow tie, and poop bag holder. 

Air dry flat the collar, bow tie, and poop bag holder. Meanwhile, hang to dry the leash. 

This walking set in blue color will not only identify your dog but also make him secure throughout his walk. 

Other Features: 

  • Leash Length: 43 inches and 47 inches 
  • Leash width: ¾ inch and 1 inch 
  • Neck Circumference:

Extra Small- 9 inches to 12 inches

Small - 12 inches to 16 inches

Medium - 16 inches to 19 inches

Large- 19 inches to 22 inches

Extra Large - 22 inches to 24 inches 

  • Collar width: ¾ inch to 1 inch 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a durable leash, you may look at this Iron Pooch Dog Leash-British Style. 

This leash is made from polyester, which is a popular material for the leash. It is strong, abrasion resistant, lightweight, and easy to clean. 

It comes with a D-ring, in which you can attach your keys or poop bags for easy walking. 

Also, it has premium metal hardware. And a heavy-duty swivel clasp, which you can connect to a harness or collar. 

It has a length of 43 inches and 47 inches. The leash width is ¾ inch and 1 inch. 

In Conclusion 

Walking on a leash cannot be done over time. Take time to train your dog. You may follow the ways we mentioned above about how to get the dog to stop pulling on the leash.

Practice often, and indeed your dog will be used in walking beside you and stop leash pulling. It will keep your dog safe and other people or dogs around. To a happy walk with your dog!


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